Inge Strack at GACC in Glen Allen

Tonight I went to the Glen Allen Cultural Art Center to view the art of German artist Inge Strack.  Her work will be on display at GACC from January 9th, 2014 until March 9th, 2014.   It is worth your time to visit this exhibition because the rich textures and layers of paint within each piece are something to enjoy close-up.

german artist Inge Strack at GACC

German artist Inge Strack
January 2014

I had the chance to interview this abstract painter, and my notes from out chat, as well as my review of her art, can be found at the bottom of her post.

Here is some of her work:


German artist Inge Strack, talking with Lauren,
the GACC art gallery coordinator

IMG_1792 IMG_1795

Strack at GACC-1 Strack at GACC-2 Strack at GACC-3

Y. Prior’s Interview with the artist:

coming soon


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