Henrico Theatre (in Highland Springs, VA)

Henrico Theatre RVA

Henrico Theatre, located in Highland Springs, originally opened as a movie palace on April 25, 1938. Tickets were $0.25 for adults and $0.10 for children. The theatre was designated as a bomb shelter during World War II and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Henrico County purchased the building in 1999.

Henrico Theatre hosts a variety of arts programming for all ages and will also be available to rent for recitals, concerts, group meetings, and multimedia presentations. For facility and program information, contact John Zannino at 804-328-4491.

For more information on reserving this facility, please see the following files:

Henrico Theatre Reservation Guide – Auditorium
Henrico Theatre Reservation Guide – Reception Room
Henrico Theatre Performance Guidelines
Henrico Theatre Auditorium Application
Henrico Theatre Application to Collect Monies
Henrico Theatre Room Setup & Equipment Form
Facility Rental Application-Individual (all facilities)
Facility Rental Application-Organization (all facilities)
Application to Serve Alcohol


Our family has enjoyed this beautiful theatre for many years now.  The programs offered include a nice variety of shows, which includes movies, plays, musicals, bands, dancers, speakers, opera selections, etc.  The remodel was done so well and the staff is always pleasant and eager to just greet you, or share a few tidbits about this lovely theatre.



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