12-pounder “Napoleons”-

This is an old post that was sitting as a draft.

Triple shot friday”


My brother took this photo of three 12-pounder “Napoleons” while visiting RVA.   because “it is always 1865 somewhere in Richmond, VA

triple shot Friday 12-pounder napoleonsJPG


The photo shows THREE 12-pounder-smoothbore-cannons, which were an upgrade from the less versatile and weaker 6-pounders!  Many of these “Canon obusier de 12” were made right here in RVA at Tredegar Iron Works.


For those art lovers out there –  Did you know that Alex Kovacs makes art by blasting paint out of real cannon.

After blasting the paint, he turns it into metal wall art.

Civil War Cannon Art 3_Alex Kovacs, Metal Wall Art Sculpture. AK 414
This art piece was made from paint that was BLASTED through a cannon!! click on pic to go to site.


civil war soldier with flag original picture

Here is an old photo that was taken during the civil war – not in RVA, but it ties into the feel of today’s post.

Click on photo to go to the source, the Denverpost blog, for more.


And here is a modern war poem by Mike Subritzky (about a nurse that could refer to all helpers).

(A tribute to Pam M-T and all the Kiwi Nurses)

Young man, you ask me who I am,

and why I wear this faded yellow ribbon…

I am the woman, who held your dying uncle’s hand,

and wrote a letter once that broke your grandma’s heart.


I am she, who met the ‘Dust-Off’ at the door,

and carried bloodied, broken bodies through to triage.


Then cut through muddied boots and bloody combat gear,

and washed away the blood and fear and jungle.


I kept the faith when even hope was lost,

and cried within, as young lives ebbed away.


Those hours when death, frosted dying eyes,

mine, was the last smile many young men saw.


I have the voice, that blinded eyes remember,

and the touch of reassurance through the pain.


In darkest night when combat would return,

it was my name that many soldiers called.


I have dressed their wounds, and wiped away their tears,

and often read them letters sent from mum.


I hugged them close, and willed each one my strength,

and smiled and prayed that each boy made it home.


And here today, you ask me who I am…

I am the Nurse, who served in Vietnam.

Mike Subritzky
©Copyright 2001

ANZAC nurse pic

    Pam M-T, ANZAC nurse



Have a nice day – even if you are not in RVA. 🙂


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